Concert Works

Composers are invited to submit one work of electroacoustic music suitable for the conference concert venues for review by the selection committee. Works representative of any of the rich array of approaches, styles and media possible within electroacoustic musics are welcome. However, preference will be given to works that are less than 15 minutes in duration.   Unless written for a featured performer or ensemble, composers are expected to provide their own performers (the conference registration fee is waived for visiting performers). Featured performers and ensembles include Neely Bruce, Ron Ebrecht, Kathleen Supové, the Wesleyan Gamelan, and the Toneburst Laptop and Electronic Arts Ensemble.

Beckham hall will provide an eight channel ring configuration of speakers, Crowell Hall will configured as four channels, Memorial Chapel will eight channels. Please consult the description of concert venues on this site for further descriptions of the performance spaces.

Categories for submission include the works for two, four and eight channel configurations, works for live-electronics, works for soloist(s) and electronics and works with integrated video projection.

Please consult the Open Window page for information on proposing pieces that can involve the participation of other conference goers.