6* Open Window

:: Sound Installations ::
[locations and running times TBA]

Matt Bethancourt, zipCoda
Charles Hutchins, SC Tweet
Dina Maccabee and Joe Edelman, Flashmob Radio
Richard Snow, Singing Sweetly from a Spider’s Web
Thomas Stoll, Manifold, Iteration 3
Maxwell Tfirn, Reflective Tunnel
Spencer Topel, Listening Glass

:: Open Window Unit ::

~ Non-Aggressive Music Deterrent ~
Jason Bolte, Ambient P
Julius Bucsis, A Glimpse beyond the Event Horizon
Daniel Iglesia, Concrete Reinforcement
Caroline Park, OCTAVLUV
Campbell Payne, Megalopolis
Sean Peuquet, Given the Materials at Hand
Margaret Schedel, Partita, Parihelion
Juan Solare, Fuga electroacustica nr 1
Benjamin Zucker, Threshold

~ Rainforest: Bring Your Own Object ~
Nicholas Cline, rainheardinsidetent
Jim Moses, Arp Critters
…additional surprise mystery guests…

~ Rock’s Role (After Ryoanji) ~
Nicholas Cline, rainheardinsidetent
Mara Helmuth, Sound Rocks of Ryoanji
Kevin Logan, De Zwann
Jason Malli, Sand for Rock’s Role
Maggi Payne, Static
Campbell Payne, Megalopolis
Adam Vidiksis, Abandonment Issues